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Zero Compression Keratome

LASIK MD surgeons use the Bausch & Lomb zero compression keratome during the initial flap making step of the LASIK surgery. This proven technology saves corneal tissue by creating thinner, smoother and more uniform flaps. For LASIK surgery, LASIK MD surgeons prefer the Bausch & Lomb zero compression keratome over other keratomes, and in many cases, over femtosecond laser technology. That is because it offers a high degree of safety that is gentle on the cornea, so during LASIK surgery, the zero compression keratome results in fewer flap complications.

The zero compression keratome is ideal for patients who:

  • Desire a proven, precision flap-making technology
  • Have high prescriptions, thinner corneas and larger-than-average pupils who would benefit from saving corneal tissue
  • Are prone to corneal swelling (corneal dystrophy)
  • Have delicate surface skin on the cornea

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