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Orbscan Topography

This specialized camera takes a photo of your eye. It is able to give you a detailed topographic map of the cornea.

Orbscan Topography is an important tool in determining whether or not you are a candidate for laser eye surgery. The map of the cornea helps our eye care professionals determine if your corneal surface is regular and can be treated with the laser. If the Orbscan shows irregular types of astigmatism or corneal disorders, such as keratoconus, then you may be ruled a non-candidate for laser eye surgery. However, other types of laser eye surgery may treat these eye conditions.

Traditional topography machines used to only be able to take a photo of the surface of the cornea, but this advanced technology allows your surgeon to detect if the back surface of the cornea is healthy. This provides added safety for the patient, as it allows your surgeon to better determine the suitability of your cornea for laser eye surgery.

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