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Bausch & Lomb Laser

Bausch & Lomb technology has been proven to offer safe, effective and accurate results. The z100 laser is the upgraded version of the Bausch & Lomb 217z.

By removing less corneal tissue, this model increases the laser vision correction procedure’s safety. It is also twice as fast as the 217z, meaning greater accuracy is achieved. The Bausch & Lomb z100 additionally offers vision correction for a wider range of patients, including for those who were previously considered to be non-candidates. The laser is also capable of administering a wider treatment zone, benefitting patients who have larger pupils.

While many lasers flatten the cornea when removing tissue, the new Bausch & Lomb z100 shapes it in a way that is closer to the normal curvature of a healthy eye, resulting in a better quality of vision for day and night. Treatment with the Bausch & Lomb z100 laser provides greater accuracy, optimal safety and superior laser eye surgery outcomes.

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