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Reading Vision Correction

With time, the natural crystalline lens of the eye loses some of its elasticity and thereby its ability to focus on close objects. This condition, known as presbyopia, usually begins around the age of 40 and can often be corrected through the use of reading glasses or contact lenses. In general, there is no avoiding presbyopia. Even those who have maintained good vision throughout their adulthood find themselves needing reading glasses later in life.

Fortunately, the correction of presbyopia is now possible through various procedures listed below:

1. KAMRA Vision
2. Laser PresbyVisionTM
3. Lens PresbyVisionTM

Please note that typical laser vision correction procedures, such as LASIK or PRK, will not prevent the need for reading glasses in patients over 40 years of age.

Our experienced team of eye care specialists can determine which procedure is best for you during a comprehensive eye exam. Book your appointment today!

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