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Custom LASIK

LASIK MD is proud to offer the latest in laser vision correction technology: Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK. Simply known as Custom LASIK, this sophisticated procedure enables your surgeon to further customize the Standard LASIK procedure to your individual eyes.

The Custom LASIK advantages:

More Patients Are Candidates
Many patients, who were previously deemed non-candidates for LASIK in the past, are now able to benefit from laser vision correction thanks to Custom LASIK. This procedure offers excellent results, especially for patients with higher prescriptions, thin corneas or larger than average pupils.

Better Quality of Vision
In many cases, Advanced Custom Wavefront technology can improve the quality of both day and night vision compared to standard treatments. Custom LASIK is capable of treating people with larger than average pupils, which is better for night time vision quality.

Increased Accuracy and Safety for Better Results
Custom LASIK results in a shape that is closer to that of a healthy cornea. In doing so, it removes 20%-30% less corneal tissue, which is healthier and safer for the eye.

The described technology, services, surgeons, financing or promotions may not be available in your region. To find out what’s available in your area please select the LASIK MD location nearest you.

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