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Bladeless All-laser LASIK

Instead of using a precision instrument called a microkeratome, LASIK patients may now choose to have their corneal flap created using a laser. This laser-called a femtosecond laser-is different from the excimer laser that is used to reshape your cornea. This femtosecond laser creates a uniform layer of bubbles at a specific depth just below the surface of the cornea. These bubbles form the flap, which is then lifted by the surgeon so that the excimer can reshape the cornea.

At LASIK MD, we call this bladeless LASIK procedure All-Laser LASIK, but it is also known as "IntraLase," "bladeless" or "blade-free" LASIK.

At LASIK MD, All-Laser LASIK is performed using the latest femtosecond technology from the world leaders in laser vision correction, including the IntraLase laser.

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