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LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is an effective form of laser vision correction with over 20 years of proven results. Safe, quick and painless, LASIK is a great way to achieve clear vision without the need for glasses and contacts.

LASIK surgery corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism using an excimer laser. This sophisticated laser uses a precise laser beam to reshape and smooth out the cornea. Following the LASIK surgery, light rays are able to focus directly onto the retina, providing clear vision.

LASIK surgery involves two steps:

Step 1:
The surgeon creates a corneal flap using a precise flap-making instrument called a microkeratome, or a femtosecond laser (used in the All-Laser LASIK procedure). This flap is raised and laid back but remains attached to the cornea.

Step 2:
With the middle layer of the cornea exposed, the surgeon is then able to use an excimer laser to reshape the cornea based on the patient’s prescription.

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