Vision Correction Procedures

At LASIK MD, we offer a full range of vision correction procedures best suited for every pair of eyes.

We are among the few laser vision correction centres that offer such comprehensive care to our patients:

  • LASIK: The most common laser vision correction procedure; it consists of creating a flap in the cornea with a microkeratome and using a laser to reshape the underlying cornea.

    • Standard LASIK: This is the standard LASIK procedure.
    • Custom Wavefront LASIK: Known simply as Custom LASIK, this procedure allows for customization of the standard LASIK procedure to the eyes of each individual
    • All-Laser LASIKThis LASIK procedure, uses a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap, instead of a microkeratome. It can be combined with either Standard or Custom LASIK.

  • PRK: The surgeon gently polishes off the surface layer of the cornea and then uses a laser to reshape the cornea in the same way as in the LASIK procedure.

    • Standard PRK: This is the standard PRK procedure.
    • Custom Wavefront PRKCustom PRK allows for further customization of the standard PRK procedure to the eyes of each individual.

  • Reading Vision Correction: Procedures performed in order to improve near vision after the age of 40.

    • Laser PresbyVisionTM: A laser vision correction procedure that adjusts one eye for near vision and the other eye for distance vision.
    • Lens PresbyVisionTM: Similar to cataract surgery; a multifocal lens implant replaces the current lens of the eye to help patients over 40 with their near vision.

  • Keratoconus Treatments: A procedure that can help slow or halt the progress of keratoconus, a disease of the cornea.

  • Lens Implants: Typically for older individuals who are not candidates for laser vision correction; lens implants require the surgeon to replace the eye’s current lens with a lens implant. 

    • Cataract: A surgery that replaces a cataract patient’s opaque lens with a clear artificial lens implant.
    • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE): A lens transplant for older patients with refractive errors who are not candidates for laser vision correction.
    • Lens PresbyVisionTM: A multifocal lens implant replaces the current lens of the eye to help patients over 40 with their near vision.  

Please note that the laser eye surgery procedure that is best suited for your needs will be determined by our team of eye care professionals during your FREE pre-operative consultation.

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