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Laser Eye Surgery Financing

Have It All

Get LASIK today, take 5 years to pay and do all the other things you’ve been dreaming about! Sacrifice everything you want to get laser vision correction? Not when you can have it all. So why wait? Start living your #lasiklife today!

Feel Alive

With LASIK, not only will your eyesight (seriously) improve, but you’ll benefit from seeing life with fresh perspective! Imagine the landscapes you’ll take in while trekking in Nepal or what the setting sun looks like over a beach in Mexico, without the hassle of glasses and contacts!

Play More

LASIK is a one-time investment, so you’ll save thousands of dollars over your lifetime from no longer buying glasses and contacts each year. That equals even more money in your pocket to put towards life’s big adventures.

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†Subject to credit approval. Interest financing starting at 8.9% over 60 months. Applicable to surgery on both eyes only. Other conditions may apply.

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